Friday, May 12, 2006

Luxury Matters

I was walking down Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica California when I heard what sounded like a symphony. I looked around for the live band or orchestra that must have been playing in a near by building. With no buildings nearby with that “Jam Session in Session” look, I turned my attention to a Lexus car stopped at a red light with its windows down. It turns out the sweet tunes were coming from that Lexus. I looked in astonishment trying to figure out where the orchestra was hidden. It’s like the Boston Pops were playing. I kept thinking, “Wow, is a symphony standard on a Lexus?” I’ve never been one for over-the-top luxury. My Saturn Ion is a stick shift and my windows are manual. That’s right, it’s 2006 and I have to vigorously work out my rotator cuff to order at the drive through. I don’t even have a CD player or cassette. I’m one of the only people left who rents a car and thinks, “What a sweet audio system in this Hyundai Accent!” The only thing people think when my window is rolled down is “Wow, Saturns come with clock radios?”

No, but I had it specially installed and the snooze length is adjustable. Don’t hate.