Thursday, August 12, 2004

French Toast Reigns Supreme

I’m on a flight from NYC to LA. The flight attendants are serving breakfast. The question they repeat to every passenger is “French Toast or cereal” Are you serious?! As if that could ever be in doubt. A warm, sweet, syrupy comforting delight or a bowl of cold, soggy, mulch. One lady answers “French Toast” with such annoyance it’s as if she’s just been asked is she would like a thousand dollars or be kicked in the face by a mule. Hmmn let me think about it......

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Evloution Schmavolution

I’m channel surfing, and I come across this church guy, on a public access station, very eloquently and convincingly disproving evolution. I couldn’t believe all the facts and data he had to prove his point. Somehow, all the specifics pertaining to those facts allude me. Just goes to show you truth is what you make it. I mean this guy could make Magellan believe the world is flat. “Well, I thought I went all the way around...”

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Airforce One

I always do the presidential wave when I get off small airplanes and have to walk down the steps. I like pretending there’s a press conference with screaming fans and protesters (haters mostly.) The crew always looks at me like “do we know this guy.”

Life Flashing Before me

I’m on a small airplane about to land at Laguardia airport in NYC. During the descend, the pilot takes us over Manhattan, Staten Island and swings a U-turn to go over Brooklyn and Queens before landing. In a 10 minute span I spotted my mother’s building, my high school, the building I grew up in, the building my first job was in and 2 of my aunt’s buildings. In ten minutes I flew over what took me over 25 years to traverse. Of course, I know planes fly very fast but still the aerial summation of my life was both nostalgic and slightly sad. Through all my peaks and valleys I had taken but a mere step in the grand scheme of things. Tray tables up.